Lukas Orsvärn

Portrait of Lukas Orsvärn

Welcome to my website! I blog about technical art, and other topics that interest me.

I'm a technical artist at Thunderful Malmö since 2023. I worked as a generalist at Wolfire Games from 2017 to 2023.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments, I'm always happy to answer!


Fix Bouncing Emails

Smooth Low Poly Style

Self Hosting Video
The scrappy way

Street Smoke

Making a Custom Weather System
For the tabletop RPG Forbidden Lands

Believable Weather for Forbidden Lands
Based on Swedish weather data

Really Simple Syndication
Your inbox for the Internet

Simple Website CI
Continuous integration using only a Git hook

Taped UV Seams
Impossibly seamless unwraps

Vismut 0.6
Laying the groundwork

Vismut Core Rewritten
A brand new backend

Introducing Vismut
Procedural texturing tool

Receiver 2
100% gun mechanic realism

Become an acrobatic ninja rabbit!

Binding of Souls
Dark Souls meets Binding of Isaac

Fast paced arena shooter

PBR Shader
Physically based HLSL shader

Channel Shuffle
Swap, flip and mix channels from two different images with ease

Claiming Ymir
Vikings and blood!

Spaceship dogfighting and asteroids!

Organize your riot police force to control massive amounts of rioters

Spotlights for Global Illumination
How well can GI be approximated with parametric lights?

A heavy burden to bear