Organize your riot police force to control massive amounts of rioters


Kravall is a real time strategy game created by 11 students at Blekinge Institute of Technology over five months.

My contributions

  • Created the level editor (more info below)
  • Lead technical artist
  • Various art tasks such as modeling and texturing
  • Level design

Level editor

The level editor was written as a Python plugin for Blender and had the following features.

  • An asset handling system, allowing for quickly reloading the asset library
  • Manual nav mesh creation using a mesh
  • Editing the world lighting
  • Assigning functions to objects
  • Trigger creation
  • Quick iteration times due to fast exports, hotkey for exporting and camera view from the editor being retained in the game

I also wrote the level exporter and the nav mesh exporter for this level editor.