Claiming Ymir

Vikings and blood!



Claiming Ymir is a real time strategy game created by 13 students at The Game Assembly over 10 weeks of half time work.

My contributions

  • Created the water shader
  • Created the terrain shader
  • Other shader work
  • Updated the pipeline to fit the project

Claiming Ymir trailer

Terrain shader

This shader was created and implemented by me during the project to make transitions between different ground textures look nice.

  • Support for up to 5 albedo + normal map pairs.
  • Uses a splat map where each texture is used based on the R, G, B and A channels, if all those channels are zero, the fifth texture is used.
  • The alpha channel in the albedo maps contain height data that is used to make the transitions, enabling grass to stick out of sand etc.
  • Persistent blood appears on the ground during battles.

Water shader

We decided to create this water shader to increase visual fidelity while also reducing the workload on artists and level designers.

  • Has foam at the edges.
  • Changes color based on water depth.
  • Vertex animation.